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In an era where globalization is affecting all business activities, it’s important to meet your audience where they are. Being a cross-border brand can considerably increase your credibility and help make you stand out from your competitors. We can help you do that by providing tailored project management for your multilingual needs. Translations remain accurate and still have the intended impact. How do we do this?
Translating over 100 languages.


Communicate your message in a way that’s understood by people from different cultural backgrounds


Events and meetings


Comprehensible business proposals, manuals, and other business materials.

Text review

Globalizing software and mobile communication


Graphic and web design in all languages.


Accurate subtitling for multimedia


Professional media dubbing


Expert voice overs

Voice over

More than language translation

Think of us as your in-house language department. We help you to communicate with your audience by localizing words for the globalizing world. Start adding value to your business by effectively using different languages.

It’s not just about words

Culture gives language different contexts; the same words in one culture can have radically different meanings in another. Knowing what those differences represent can be critical in translations. We work in collaboration with your team to ensure your message is clear and communicated in a way that’s understood by people from cultural backgrounds. We help to bridge the gap between your company and your global audience; ensuring your message is received the same way as it does in your own culture.
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Translation by real people

True localization is something that’s only possible with human translators. The people powering a localized translation look deeper than the actual words on the page. They look at what those words will mean to the culture receiving them. We have a team of project managers, vendor managers, typesetters, transcribers, video producers, voice talents, software and app developers, and linguists, to provide high-quality communications solutions.

Why choose Glocalization

Services trusted worldwide

From small businesses to global brands, we’ve helped our clients gain their competitive edge, minimize communication errors, and deliver a stronger international presence.
Medical and scientific
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Marketing and advertising


At Glocalization Network, we work with a network of high-quality, professional linguists, who each have experience working within specific industries. Our services are tailored, including translation and interpretation services that fill each client’s individual needs. We deliver high-quality, accurate, and concise translations across all our services.

Translation and editing

Our high-quality translation services enable businesses to communicate with clients and partners in their own language, giving the greatest chance of global success. By enabling readers to understand the subject matter easily, businesses can establish a local voice, globally. Translation lies at the heart of what we do, whether it’s the translation of a contract to finalize a deal overseas or a technical translation to support the export of a product, our translation service ensures a pain-free route to achieving business goals. We adjust vocabulary to suit the audience, with regard to dialect and cultural differences.


Glocalization Network has a proven track record in helping companies break down linguistic and cultural barriers by adapting both content and functionality to international audiences. Our dedicated team guarantees smooth and meaningful translations. Localization is more than rewriting the text into a different language. We adapt your message to suit local audiences. Most languages have local versions and dialects that need to be considered when building most media platforms. Our localization services ensure the correct use of language is created with the audience in mind.

Desktop publishing services

Desktop publishing translation ensures multilingual materials look professional in every language. Since different languages use different numbers of words to say the same thing, well-thought-out designs can be disrupted during the translation process. To avoid this, our experienced translators help to make sure website copy fits any design in any language.


Foreign language subtitling services have become an essential part of business activities as companies increasingly opt for audiovisual means to facilitate communication with overseas audiences. Whether it’s a marketing campaign on social media for international customers, a CEO’s message to employees across the world, or a health and safety course for your global workforce, having a quality foreign language subtitling service is vital to make sure your message is understood. Opening multimedia content up to multilingual and international audiences is paramount for globalizing business. Our experienced team has worked on translating subtitles for many clients over several years.


Some languages expand in translation. For example, Greek and German speakers tend to use more words than their counterparts who speak other languages. This means translators must choose words precisely in order to carry over the same meaning as the original without altering the length of each character’s screen-time. Our expert linguists create the perfect scripts and carry over the original tone and humor of the dialogue.


Transcreation is a highly creative translation somewhere between translation and foreign language copywriting. This is a key service requirement for businesses wishing to internationalize their products. It’s clear that communicating with clients in their own language is much more effective than simply expecting clients to understand your language, but transcreation goes one step further, adapting the content and tone to fit the target culture and market perfectly. Our experienced team work on representing your brand in the best possible way. Whichever sector you work in, and whether you need creative translations for an advertising campaign, video content, or a website, you can be safe in the knowledge that your creative translations are in safe hands with Glocalization Network.


Our professional proofreading service offers a comprehensive final quality check of written material before publication. Unlike editing, which is focused on making sure a document makes sense as a whole, proofreading is about checking a text’s accuracy and removing any errors. Glocalization Network’s proofreaders will ensure your text adheres to the stylistic and tonal requirements of your project, whilst keeping the target audience in mind. Our experts carefully check documents to look at a number of factors, including layout, consistency in style and presentation, omissions in typography, and accuracy of spelling, grammar and syntax.


Here at Glocalization Network, we go above and beyond expectations to deliver authentic transcripts that can be used with confidence. A tailored solution is provided to meet your exact requirements, whether you want a time-coded verbatim transcription to capture the true essence of your audio, or edited transcripts to tidy up the spoken word in written form. We understand the amount of hard work that goes into the small details of market research, television and media sound production. We work to ensure our media transcription services preserve the value of every audible moment.


Though dubbing might be the more well-known approach, voice-over translation works particularly well with videos that relay information. Corporate inductions, e-learning videos, and training videos can benefit from voice-over translation services. Narrative-based videos can still use voice-over translation effectively, with broadcast news reports and documentaries often undergoing voice-over translations. The team at Glocalization Network has years of experience in voice-over translations for various styles and forms of audio.


Just as our translators are masters of written language, our interpreting services are delivered to give businesses a credible local voice. Whether you need help with a business meeting, telephoning clients in another country, or need simultaneous interpreting services for a global conference, we have the experience to ensure success. We consider the bigger picture while we focus on the small details. We pride ourselves on the high quality of our interpretation services, using only expert interpreters with experience in their relevant sector.

Machine translation

Machine translation provides technology that can auto-translate in live time. Although it must always be checked over by a human professional, machine translation services can still be very useful for global businesses and organizations. Though users of Google Translate might assume machine translation runs on fairly straightforward algorithms, it is actually highly complex. No accurate translation can simply replace source text word-for-word. In almost all cases the result would make little-to-no sense. Instead, machine translation services must use a program that takes into account the context and grammar of different languages in order to ensure more accurate results.

Language solutions

Our experienced translators and interpreters use care and attention to provide reliable, bespoke translations. The end result is always the delivery of accurate and meaningful translations. At Glocalization Network, quality assurance and unbeatable customer service have encouraged our clients to come back to us time and time again.

Language consultancy

Our team can give companies expert advice for international success through a variety of different approaches. Our language consultancy services help people understand whether a particular technology, such as machine translation or author memory, is the right choice for their circumstances. As language experts, we have the ability to advise on the appropriateness and implications - for example political, social, ethnic, or gender-specific - of the text or imagery proposed for use.


Our copywriters tailor copy to include relevant keywords and phrases that fit in with the language and region required for each business. We work closely with clients to help create and develop a tone of voice suitable for the business. Our trained writers also have backgrounds in a number of industries, allowing them to use industry-specific terminology, in any language required. Whether the copy is set to be used on the main website, on blog posts, or for social media, our writers are skilled in creating engaging content that will connect with all audiences.


The objective of copy-editing is to produce a fluent, high-quality text that is interesting and enjoyable to read and that effectively conveys the intended message. During copy-editing, the text is reviewed, and changes are made to make the text more effective in the target language and for the target audience. Thanks to our writing and editing services, your text will convey your message effectively, avoiding unintentional, negative, or confusing connotations. It might involve re-ordering the structure of paragraphs to improve the focus in the target language. Copyediting is the next step after translation. Our professional team review the source text and the translated work. We always verify that the translation is true to the original text. It gives continuity and makes sure that the use of the language is correct.

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